Ifuki specializes in serving “Sumibi Kappo” cuisine, cooking in front of the customer using a live fire to add a rich smoky flavor and aroma to the dishes, unique to “Sumibiyaki” or charcoal grilled cuisine. Each dish is cooked to highlight and draw out the succulent flavors of each season's delicacies, taking you on an adventure through colors, textures, flavors and scents. A sommelier is also available to recommend high quality Japanese sake or wine to be the perfect complement to each dish. Located on the famous Hanami Koji street, lined with tea houses and restaurants where Geiko (Geisha) or Maiko can be seen walking around in the evening, the cozy and rustic ambiance of Ifuki is the perfect place to enjoy the atmosphere of Kyoto, Japan’s ancient capital city.

About Restaurant

Highly sought after for reservations in Kyoto, and receiving the prestigious honor of having two Michelin Stars, Ifuki specializes in serving "Sumibi-Kappo " cuisine; a multi course meal (kaiseki) prepared in front of the customer using an open flame to add a rich aroma and smoky flavor to the dishes.

Restaurant Information

【Restaurant】Ifuki (炭火割烹いふき)
【Seating】Counter seats: 7 ・2Private rooms: 2-6 ppl
【Smoking】Counter is non-smoking. Smoking permitted in private room.
【Dress Code】None


Reservations taken for 1 or more at the counter
※Reservations required 7 days in advance. Online payment for courses required to complete reservation.
【Payment method】
Any additional orders made at the restaurant can be paid with cash or credit card.


Japanese cuisine, Japanese food, Washoku, kappo, Kaiseki, sumibiyaki
【Location】Japan、Kansai, Kyoto, Gion
Michelin, 2 Stars, reservation, Kyoto, Gion, kaiseki, Japanese food, washoku, kappo, sumibiyaki,